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Oracle's OBIEE Now Available on AWS Test Drive Version 2

Test drives for OBIEE and Map Views in OBIEE have been updated with SampleApp v305 running on Oracle BI The Oracle BI Tech Demo YouTube Channel has excellent demos that showcase the capabilities of SampleApp. This represents a significant upgrade to the Oracle BI system.

The test drive registration and software access have also been redesigned, with direct access to an instance available seconds after registration is completed. Rather than using Windows Remote Desktop to control a private virtual machine in the cloud, you can simply use your browser to connect to an instance running Oracle BI continuously. This eliminates the wait entirely. Users can access the instance as fast as they can receive an email once they have registered.

An updated version of the Data Mining test drive running on SQL Developer 4.0 will be coming out later this year. Test drives for Excel Analysis of OLAP Data and Data Mining require client-side software (running on Windows) and are still running with the original registration system. We plan to add a new Oracle R Enterprise Test Drive later this year as well, completing our support of the Advanced Analytics option of the Oracle database.

Oracle University Data Mining Class

Vlamis Software Solutions is hosting on September 11 and 12 in Kansas City, Oracle University's comprehensive 2-day introduction to this powerful option to the Oracle Database. Data Mining is the process of automatically sifting through data to uncover previously hidden patterns, identify causal relationships, discover new insights, and make predictions about the future. It helps answer business questions like:

Oracle's Data Mining option provides powerful data mining algorithms that run as native SQL functions for in-database model building and model deployment saving organizations tremendous amounts of time and money over traditional data mining toolsets. Users of the Oracle Data Mining feature can build, evaluate, share, and deploy predictive analytics methodologies. Email to register for the class. You can also See the Oracle Advanced Analytics website for more information.

Course Description:

This course covers the basic concepts of data mining and teaches students how to leverage the predictive analytical power of the Oracle Database Data Mining option by using Oracle Data Miner 11g Release 2. Students learn how to explore the data graphically, build and evaluate multiple data mining models, apply Oracle Data Mining models to new data, and deploy Oracle Data Mining's predictions and insights throughout the enterprise.

Vlamis Offering Oracle BI Class

Dan will be teaching this special 3 hour class that provides attendees with both hands-on experience with Oracle Business Intelligence 11g and a comprehensive overview of the capabilities and structure of typical Oracle Business Intelligence implementations. You'll learn how to:

You'll be learning from experts in configuring and developing Oracle BI systems in many of the country's leading corporations. We'll also provide an explanation of the various components of Oracle Business Intelligence, how they fit together, and how to successfully navigate and understand Oracle BI implementations.Email to register for the class.

Vlamis Presenting and Hosting Reception at Oracle OpenWorld

We are honored to have been selected to present Big Data, Bigger Insights with Oracle Advanced Analytics and Oracle SQL Developer with Charlie Berger, Oracle Data Mining product manager. The session is taking place Monday, September 23 at 3:15 in the Marriott Marquis Salon 3/4. Be sure to check the session catalog for complete course details.

Visit us at Oracle OpenWorld September 22th through September 26th. Oracle expects around 50,000 attendees, making it difficult to connect, so please let us know if you are planning to attend. We'd love to see you at the events we are participating in. We'd love even more to schedule a dedicated meeting with you. There are several ways to meet up with us this year:

Reception at Oracle OpenWorldOOW Reception

For the fourth year in a row we are co-hosting, with Simba Technologies, a reception on Tuesday, September 24 at 5:00 PM. Oracle product managers will be in attendance, along with consulting experts from Simba and Vlamis. This has become the event at OOW for focusing on Oracle OLAP. And yes, there will again be those delicious burgers and ribs! More information can be found on our blog. If you are attending this year, send us an email so we can set up a time to meet you at the conference.

Oracle Database 12c Released

Oracle Database 12c is the most significant release of the Oracle Database in more than 10 years. It's multi-tenancy architecture, comprehensive capabilities, and uber-scalability set the bar very high in a world where Oracle is already the world's most popular database. We're getting lots of exposure to Oracle 12c and have to say that is very, very impressive. Check out Tim's blog entry detailing his installation experiences.

BIWA Summit 2014

Register now for BIWA Summit 2014, organized by BIWA SIG, the leading Oracle Special Interest Group (SIG) for Business Intelligence, Data Warehousing and Analytics professionals. It is being held on January 14-16 2014, at The Oracle HQ Conference Center, in Redwood City, CA. Featured speakers include: Balaji Yelamanchili, Oracle's Sr. VP of Analytics and Performance Management Products; Mark Rittman, ACE Director, Author and Technical Director at Rittman Mead; and, several speakers from Vlamis.