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Join Tim Vlamis for an in-depth exploration into predictive analytics using Oracle Data Mining and Oracle R Enterprise. If you’ve been wanting to expose your colleagues to the power of using the Oracle Database as a platform for predictive analytics, this special session will be perfect for you. We’ll use a combination of live demos and business use cases to explain that predictive analytics doesn’t require an advanced degree in mathematics, just a database and a few good business questions. We’ll share how to leverage the work you’ve done in building a data warehouse and collecting business data sets into solid evidence for business decisions. Predictive analytics is all about looking forward into the future and leveraging data to assess and evaluate alternative courses of action. Too often, executives and managers rely on gut instinct without using the data they already have to make better decisions.

Here’s the outline for the session:

• Key issues in leveraging the power of analytics
• Using Oracle database as an analytics platform.
• Oracle Advanced Analytics overview
• Oracle Data Mining
• Oracle R Enterprise
• Common use cases for predictive analytics
• Where to start when developing your analytics capabilities

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BICS version

Did you notice that Oracle released their March 2016 version of BI Cloud Services?
If "About Oracle BI Cloud Service..." in the dropdown next to your userid in the upper right corner says version, you’ve been upgraded!

Join our webcast on April 5, 2016 at 12pm Central time to see what’s new in our continuing line of webcasts on Oracle BI releases.

Just as a preview, here are some of the new features:

• New Visualizations in VA:
• Donut
• Combo (with dual axis)
• Stacked Scatter
• Images
• Enhancements in VA:
• Color management (change the palette)
• Improved filtering and drill down
• BICS and DVCS VA Feature Parity
• Insights
• Storytelling and Presentation mode
• Answers and Dashboards
• Legend view
• Ticker view
• Save column as
• Webcat Lift and Shift from on-premise to Cloud
• Multiple DB Connections and Subject Areas
• BICS Remote Data Connector

Just like our previous demonstrations of new BI releases, we will give a live demonstration of as many of these features as we have time for. Join us for this popular webcast!

After working on this course with the OU curriculum development team, OAA product management, and a handful of other data mining experts, we’re truly excited to see the new Oracle Database 12c capabilities showcased in hands-on training in a live classroom setting. We’re also especially proud that Tim Vlamis was chosen as the instructor to do the first “live” classroom presentation of this material. We’ll cover how to build analytic workflows using the drag-and-drop SQL Developer Data Miner interface, business use cases for the most powerful and commonly used modeling techniques, and several important new algorithms that were added to Oracle DB 12c. If you ever wanted to get started with data mining and predictive analytics in the Oracle database, this is your best chance.

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Chicago May 9-12

Oracle Advanced Analytics has two primary components: Oracle Data Mining and Oracle R Enterprise. Both work together to give you the most powerful and performant predictive analytics platform in the world. We often encourage people to take these courses back-to-back in a single week so that they get a complete and comprehensive understanding of the full set of capabilities, algorithms, workflows, and data processing strategies for true enterprise scale predictive analytics. While many organizations struggle to take high level predictive analytic workflows and move them from the data lab to production, those organizations leveraging the power of the Oracle database are able to generate returns in the millions of dollars.

Tim is teaching these courses in Chicago, IL for Oracle University:

May 9-10, 2016 Predictive Analytics with Oracle Data Mining
May 11-12, 2016 Oracle R Enterprise Essentials

Visit our training page to sign up for these courses and learn all about Oracle Advanced Analytics.


Collaborate 16 Mandalay Bay is just around the corner, taking place at The Venetian in Las Vegas, April 10 - April 14. Vlamis will again take an active part in the conference with a record six presentations through all three host organizations: IOUG, OAUG, and Quest. See the list below or search for Vlamis in the schedule builder or the Collaborate 16 mobile app for details. If you’ve not considered attending, you should! This is a great opportunity to network with and learn from other business professionals. We are looking forward to seeing all who are attending the conference, and look forward to the opportunity to get together individually. Call us at 816-781-2880 and we'll plan a time to get together!


Vlamis presentations at Collaborate 16

houg logo

We are pleased to return again to the Gallup campus for the ninth time to Omaha, NE to present two sessions at the Heartland Oracle Users Group meeting on April 28, 2016. If you are within driving distance of Omaha you should attend this very-well-run event. Sessions that we are presenting include:

Visual Analyzer and Best Practices for Data Discovery
Implement Maps in OBI in a Week


Tim Vlamis will lead two different sessions at the annual Great Lakes Oracle Conference held by the Northeast Ohio Oracle User Group on May 18 & 19, 2016. Tim will not only feature content from Dan and Tim’s Oracle BI book, but also will showcase best practices for data exploration using Visual Analyzer in BI Cloud Service, OBIEE 12c and Data Visualization Cloud Service. It’s an exciting time in the world of data visualization. Let us know if you plan to attend!

Tim will be presenting the following sessions at the conference:

Starting Smart with Advanced Analytics
Data Visualization for Oracle Business Intelligence

We are looking for a few good people to increase our ranks of professional consultants. Stop by our website to apply. We have a new portal for accepting resumes and cover letters online and list all of our available positions. We are looking forward to meeting you.


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