In This Newsletter: ▪ ▪ See and Meet with Vlamis at Kscope16! ▪ ▪ Vlamis Test Drive is on the Oracle Cloud! ▪ ▪ Data Visualization Desktop ▪ ▪ Doug S

In This Newsletter:


Dan, Tim, and Arthur will be attending ODTUG KScope in Chicago June 26 through June 30. We’ll present the following sessions:
Clustering Data with Oracle Data Mining: The Easiest Place to Start in Predictive Analytics
Data Discovery Best Practices with Visual Analyzer Hands-on Learning
Data Visualization for Oracle Business Intelligence
Preparing for BI 12c Upgrade
Visual Analyzer and Best Practices for Data Discovery

We’re planning to invite everybody for a beer immediately after our session on Monday afternoon 4:30 to 5:30 on Data Visualization for Oracle Business Intelligence, so whether you’ve seen us present this topic before, you’ve read our book, or if you want to catch up stop by and join us for a cold one! Seriously, we’re also setting up meetings at KScope, so if you plan to be there, let us know and we’ll set some time for a face-to-face chat.


Try out Oracle Software for free on the Oracle Cloud! After several years of hosting our Test Drive program on AWS, we’ve moved to the Oracle Cloud. Go to to try out Oracle Data Mining and Oracle BI Cloud Service. All you need is a browser or Windows remote desktop. Nothing to download, nothing to install.


Everyone loves the power and intuitive interface of Visual Analyzer in OBI 12c, BI Cloud Service, and Data Visualization Cloud Service. It true data exploration with a drag and drop interface and powerful analytics. Now, Oracle has released a desktop application version. It’s FREE when you license the Data Visualization option of Oracle BI 12c or one of the cloud services listed above. Data Visualization Desktop puts the power of Visual Analyzer and Data Mashup on your local PC. You can connect to all kinds of data sources including the following:
Oracle Database, Spark, SQL Server, DB2, MySQL, Teradata, Redshift, Hive, Impala, MongoDB, SybaseIQ, Salesforce, Greenplum, and RightNow. You can also upload Excel spreadsheets and connect natively to many Oracle applications. There’s the ability to add R models and use several “built-in” predictive analytic algorithms. Let us know if you want a demonstration or have any questions.


We’re excited to welcome Doug Schieder to the Vlamis Software Solutions family as our new Sales and Marketing Associate. Doug identifies as a geek/nerd and loves technology. He’s already making a big impact, so send an email to Doug at to welcome him on board or have him bug Dan or Tim to get something done.

Jon Clark wrote a great blog entry on some of the technical issues we ran into while migrating a BICS account with a custom application written in APEX.

Dan will be presenting on Visual Analytics using BICS during the Oracle Technology Network Summit Series July 12-14. You’ll hear Dan and other Oracle ACES, Java Champions, and Oracle experts as they share their technical expertise and insights. Dan’s presentation will focus on the new science of visual analytics on how you can combine the power of Oracle Business Intelligence Cloud Service and Oracle Database Cloud Service (Dan’s talk is a part of the Database Track). You’ll also see a live demo our new Test Drive on Oracle Cloud service.

Register by clicking here

Save the date! Vlamis plans to present at Oracle OpenWorld September 18-22, 2016. We will also continue our traditional reception, on Tuesday September 20 from 5:30-8:00pm. Please save the time slot to stop by for a drink and more. More details to be announced soon!

Oracle Advanced Analytics has two primary components: Oracle Data Mining and Oracle R Enterprise. Both work together to give you the most powerful and performant predictive analytics platform in the world. We often encourage people to take these courses back-to-back in a single week so that they get a complete and comprehensive understanding of the full set of capabilities, algorithms, workflows, and data processing strategies for true enterprise scale predictive analytics. While many organizations struggle to take high level predictive analytic workflows and move them from the data lab to production, those organizations leveraging the power of the Oracle database are able to generate returns in the millions of dollars.

These courses will be taught in Belmont, CA at the Oracle University Training Center:
▪ August 15-16, 2016 Predictive Analytics with Oracle Data Mining
▪ August 17-18, 2016 Oracle R Enterprise Essentials

Visit our Training page to sign up for these courses and learn all about Oracle Advanced Analytics.

We are looking for a few good people to increase our ranks of professional consultants. Stop by our website to apply. We have a new portal for accepting resumes and cover letters online and list all of our available positions. We are looking forward to meeting you.


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