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VSS Newsletter August 2003

In this monthly newsletter we inform you about recent and upcoming events in Vlamis Software and the Oracle business intelligence and data warehousing communities. We hope you find this information helpful.

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VSS Converts Express Web Agent Application to 9iOLAP Web Agent

Vlamis Software Solutions has just converted an Express Web Agent Application to Oracle9i OLAP Web Agent. The process was as simple as Oracle is touting. The basic process involves exporting an Express database to an EIF file and importing it into a 9iOLAP analytic workspace. With the exception of a couple of very minor coding changes, the application simply "runs" as-is.

We were also successful in enabling the AW for BI Beans and analyzing the data with VSS Business Analyzer or for that matter, custom BI Beans-based applications. Confidentiality agreements prevent us from broadcasting the name of the client, but it is a major US company. Contact us if you have an interest in more information.

VSS Completes Custom 9iOLAP Proof of Concept in One Day

VSS received a call from a company wanting to complete a proof of concept presentation using 9iOLAP and BI Beans. From the time we got the original phone call until the time we could show their data using BI Beans was less than three days. It was less than one day from the time we actually received a DMP file with their data until we were showing the data using BI Beans and VSS Business Analyzer.

Please let us know if you have an interest in seeing your data in 9iOLAP. We know exactly which versions of what software needs to be installed and how to configure it to get you up and running quickly.

VSS 9iOLAP Training Plans

Vlamis Software recently presented our classes "Introduction to Oracle9i OLAP" and "Developing BI Applications using JDeveloper and BI Beans" at a client site. We are planning to give these classes again in September, 2003. Please let us know by August 15 if you are interested in attending these classes in our Kansas City office since we would like to select a week that is convenient for multiple people or if you wish for these to be given at your site.

For more information on the training we can provide, visit

Plans for Next Release of BI Beans

We have seen screen shots of the next release of BI Beans. As promised, Oracle is releasing a thin HTML version of the beans that replicates the functionality of the thick client beans. In general, companies that wish to deploy BI applications over the web using an HTML client will have the same capabilities as a thick client application, such as customizers for crosstabs and a query editor. We hope to have this software soon and plan on integrating these capabilities in a future version of VSS Business Analyzer.

OracleWorld Sept 7-11, 2003

OracleWorld San Francisco is early this year. We are presenting a session on Monday, September 7, on "Using OWB to Create OLAP Warehouses".

Register by August 15 in order to lock in the best discount. See for details. Please let us know if you are attending so we can arrange a time to get together.

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