VSS Newsletter December 2003

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Happy Holidays!

We here at Vlamis Software Solutions, wish you a safe and happy holiday season.


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OTN OLAP Article

Chris Claterbos' article "Clearing the Path to OLAP" is featured on the front page of the Oracle Technology Network. Oracle's new Analytic Workspace Manager makes it possible to manage Oracle OLAP without complex command-line programming. The article provides a guided tour of AW Manager, including how to create an Analytic Workspace from a relational cube; enabling an AW for access from BI Beans, SQL, and Discoverer; and how to migrate data from Express to Oracle9i OLAP.

We offer training on this topic and others. Contact us at sales@vlamis.com if you wish to learn more.

Dan's December OLAP Tip - OLAP Worksheet Editing

Here's a tip that may help any of you using OLAP Worksheet release If you have problems saving programs using the OLAP Worksheet editor in an analytic workspace sometimes, read on. When using AWM to connect to Oracle, I tried using a connection of the form sid_ip (e.g. orcl_172.69.10.2). That worked great using Analytic Workspace Manager and for entering OLAP DML commands using OLAP Worksheet. But if I went to save changes to a OLAP DML program, OLAP Worksheet would not save the changes. The cause is the way I connected to the database. Be sure that you are connecting to Oracle with a connect string of the form ipaddr:port:sid (e.g. The editor apparently only works with a connect string of this format.

Also, be sure to launch OLAP Worksheet from Analytic Workspace Manager (using Tools-OLAP Worksheet), not from version of Oracle Enterprise Manager. This makes OLAP Worksheet use a mono-spaced font, not a proportional font. Output from commands such as LISTNAMES are harder to read in proportional fonts since columns don't line up.

Happy OLAP DMLing...

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