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February 2003

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VSS Newsletter February 2003

Hello. This is Dan Vlamis, President of Vlamis Software Solutions, Inc. We are launching a monthly newsletter to inform you about recent and upcoming events in Vlamis Software and the Oracle business intelligence and data warehousing community. I hope you find this information helpful.

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Dan Vlamis Interviewed by Oracle

Dan Vlamis explains the advantages of using Oracle 9iDS to build VSS Business Analyzer in a Real Media video recorded at the Oracle Developer and Tools User Group (ODTUG) 2002.

"Oracle9i JDeveloper offers a unique combination of a productive Java development environment and full support for OLAP functionality. With Oracle's BI Beans we were able to develop in months a product that would otherwise have required years of effort to develop." - Dan Vlamis, President of Vlamis Software Solutions

To see Dan's interview, scroll to the bottom of Oracle's reference web page.

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Oracle Releases Great Sales Analysis Demo Built with BI Beans and 9iOLAP

Oracle has produced a viewlet of a custom sales analysis application that shows some of the features and flexibility of BI Beans on 9iOLAP. This demonstration focuses on how a customized OLAP application can be tailored to suit your business needs.

Click here to view the demonstration hosted on Oracle Technology Network.

To discuss how a customized OLAP application can help your business, send an e-mail to

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Oracle Ships Oracle9i OLAP

With Oracle9i OLAP version, Oracle exposes the power of the Express engine integrated into the Oracle RDBMS database engine. What was formerly an Express database is now an analytic workspace. What was the Express SPL is now the OLAP DML. Full applications, including our own VSS Business Analyzer can be built with BI Beans and JDeveloper to run against Oracle9i OLAP. Contact us for more information.

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Vlamis Working with Next Version of Oracle Warehouse Builder 9i!

As a member of the Oracle tools beta program, Vlamis Software Solutions is currently testing and evaluating the next release of Oracle Warehouse Builder 9i. This exciting product has many new features of particular interest to the BI space, including the ability to build and populate 9i OLAP Analytic Workspaces. Other major changes to OWB make the job of designing and populating BI enabled warehouses and datamarts easier.

If you're interested in finding out what OWB can do for your organization contact us for more information.

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Oracle9i Reports Now Accesses Oracle9i OLAP

Oracle has announced the availability of an Oracle9i Reports Pluggable Data Source (PDS) for accessing Oracle9i OLAP data. The open architecture of Oracle9i Reports allows this PDS to simply "plug into" your existing Oracle9i Reports installation.

With the power of Oracle9i Reports, you can easily turn your Oracle9i Database multidimensional data into Business Intelligence information.

Log on to OTN to see a demonstration, check out the release notes or download the Oracle9i Reports OLAP PDS today!

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Oracle AppsWorld 2003

As one of the 285 Oracle Certified Partners in North America, we attend all Oracle conferences. We recently attended the AppsWorld 2003 conference held in San Diego, on January 19-22 and helped sponsor/host the Business Intelligence and Data Warehouse Special Interest Group (BI/DW SIG) meeting on OAUG day.

At AppsWorld 2003, Oracle made two new product announcements relevant to a portion of our clients:

  • Embedded Data Warehouse (EDW) is the foundation for changes in several modules, with most of the new modules and module changes coming in the next release, 11.5.9 (due out late in 2003). This announcement affects our customers using Noetix, Oracle Applications Data Warehouse (OADW), or a custom data warehouse with Oracle Applications source data.
  • Daily Business Intelligence (DBI) v5.0 is a bundled suite of modules with significantly more standard features and functions than the old BIS, Business Intelligence System. DBI will be available as a download compatible with 11.5.8 and 9iR2 starting mid-February. This announcement affects our customers using Discoverer, BIS, OSA, or any third-party query and reporting tool on top of Oracle 11i Applications, like Hyperion, MicroStrategy, Business Objects, or Brio.

If you would like a free, personal, one-on-one consultation about EDW or DBI migration, Oracle Applications module direction, or enhancement requests status announced at Oracle AppsWorld, please contact David Fuston, VP of the BI/DW SIG of OAUG, at (816) 729-1033 or

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See Vlamis Software at IOUG Live!

If you are thinking about attending IOUG Live!, plan to arrive in time to attend a full-day University Seminar presented on April 27 by Vlamis Software on "Getting Business Intelligence Out of Your Data Warehouse -- The Short Course". Attendees will see how to use Oracle9i, OLAP Services, 9i OWB, JDeveloper 9i and BI Beans to build an OLAP aware warehouse and then develop simple and complex applications to view the warehouse data.

Sessions presented by Vlamis Software at IOUG Live! are:

  • U3 - Getting Business Intelligence Out of Your Data Warehouse -- The Short Course
  • 406 - Developing Applications with BI Beans and JDeveloper9i -- Our Experience
  • 409 - Migrating Applications and Data to Oracle9i OLAP -- Case Studies
  • 416 - Using Oracle Warehouse Builder 9i and Oracle9i to Create OLAP Ready Warehouses

See for more information about the conference and click on Session Abstracts for details about these sessions.

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