November, 2002

Vlamis Software Solutions will be well represented at OracleWorld this year. We would like to be able to meet with you while we are there.

VSS involved in IOUG Day at OracleWorld

Oracle and IOUG are Presenting IOUG Day at OracleWorld on Sunday, November 10th at 1:00pm.

OracleWorld presentations by VSS

Dan Vlamis, VSS president and Chris Claterbos, VSS Consulting and Development Manager, are presenting at OracleWorld:

VSS announces new version of VSSBA
NOW SUPPORTS Oracle and BIBeans 9.0.3

Find Business Data Anomalies and Trends

VSS Business Analyzer is the first ad hoc query tool with the ability to access Oracle9i OLAP data within an Oracle9i Database. VSSBA enables users to quickly view data, publish and share data, and enhance data analysis productivity. With this powerful ad hoc query tool, end users can generate many of the reports and analyses themselves, satisfying a backlog of report and application requests buried in the Information Technology department.

VSSBA demos at OracleWorld

Would you like to see a demonstration of VSSBA while you are at OracleWorld?

Please contact us and we can meet with you at 816-781-2880 or sales@vlamis.com or (816) 729-1034 while at the conference!

About VSS

Vlamis Software Solutions, Inc. (VSS) is an Oracle Certified professional services company providing business solutions to international and domestic clients based on Oracle technologies.  We are an authorized software reseller and the creator of the first Oracle9i Business Intelligence and Analytics tool. Our core competency includes certified designers, developers, and implementers who are also nationally recognized technical authors, speakers and publishers.

Contact us at: sales@vlamis.com

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