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VSS Newsletter November 2003

In this monthly newsletter we inform you about recent and upcoming events in Vlamis Software and the Oracle business intelligence and data warehousing communities. We hope you find this information helpful.

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View Oracle OLAP And Express Data With Oracle OLAP Web Agent

Oracle has had the ability for a year now to migrate an existing Express database and use 9iOLAP Web Agent to display reports. But now you can also display Oracle9i OLAP data stored in an Analytic Workspace. Through the use of a simple conversion process Analytic workspace data can be presented in web pages with little to no coding required. A simple html template is all you need. No need to learn BI Beans or Java! Contact us to find out how your organization can use the new power of Oracle OLAP.

Oracle BI Beans Thin Client Enhanced Functionality

Developing for the web used to mean accepting reduced functionality. Web users were limited "viewing" previously-saved queries and reports. With the 10G version of BI Beans, the thin client catches up to the thick Java client. Now web users have access to the full power of the query editor and calculation builder. Included are new features such as drilling on graphs and an easy-to-use stoplight reporting tool. VSS is already modifying VSSBA with the new technology. We can demonstrate this to your team today with an application on our web site and discuss the new features. Call now for a demonstration.

Training Classes Available for Oracle9i OLAP and BI Beans

With more and more companies adopting Oracle OLAP, the need for proper training is becoming clear. We can cut months off of an implementation by sharing best practices and giving your team the knowledge it needs to get started with Oracle OLAP and BI Beans. We are scheduling classes at client sites and in our training facility in Kansas City for our classes "Introduction to Oracle9i OLAP" and "Developing BI Applications using JDeveloper and BI Beans".

For more information on the training we can provide, visit

Several Oracle OLAP Projects Underway

Vlamis Software is involved in several Oracle OLAP projects. These include demonstrations, proof-of-concepts, and implementations. These use Oracle9i OLAP Web Agent, BI Beans, access to analytic workspace data from 3rd party tools via SQL, and Oracle OLAP DML. Call us to see how this technology can help you get business intelligence out of your data.

Analytic Workspace "Standard Form" Introduction

Did you know that with release of Oracle OLAP, Oracle officially introduced "standard form" metadata? This is a series of objects and some properties on analytic workspace objects that can be easily enabled for access from BI Beans. Analytic Workspace Manager (AWM) automatically generates this metadata when converting data from a relational schema. Express users can think of this as being similar to the properties on Express objects that Express Administrator would add such as LONGLABELVAR and information stored in the XPDDDATA database. See chapter 8 of the Oracle OLAP Application Developers Guide Release (due soon on OTN) or contact us for more information.

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