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VSS Newsletter January 2005

In this newsletter we inform you about recent and upcoming events in Vlamis Software and the Oracle business intelligence and data warehousing communities. We hope you find this information helpful.

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Vlamis Software Solutions is a consulting company specializing in Oracle-related business intelligence and data warehouse solutions. Learn more about us at our web site at www.vlamis.com. Contact us at sales@vlamis.com or (816)781-2880.

Oracle Business Intelligence 10g Released!

Oracle Business Intelligence 10g ( is now in production! This has the new BI Beans-based front end we all have been waiting for. This new version represents a major step forward for companies to rapidly develop Business Intelligence Applications. The Oracle Business Intelligence Solutions page has a wealth of information about this new version of the Business Intelligence Suite, including demonstrations and collateral material. There are also new self-running demonstrations under "Online Demo" for the following Oracle BI component products: Oracle Discoverer, Oracle Spreadsheet Add-In, and Oracle BI Beans.

The products can be downloaded from Oracle Technet. Please note that there are two sets of products to download. The 10gR2 version of Discoverer now includes the application server and is two downloadable disk images. This is Option 1 - Oracle Business Intelligence from the download site. The Spreadsheet Add-in and Oracle BI Beans are part of Option 2 - Oracle Business Intelligence Tools. You must install JDeveloper 10g version 10.1.2 to install BI Beans.

Please contact Vlamis Software Solutions if you have any questions regarding Oracle Business Intelligence.

New Business Intelligence Samples

Oracle has provided new samples and tutorials for Oracle Business Intelligence. Included are instructions, tutorials, and samples that will assist users and developers become familiar with this newest technology.

The samples download (59 MB) includes:

For more information, see http://www.oracle.com/technology/products/bi/samples/samples_readme.html.

Oracle Magazine Business Intelligence Cover Story

This month's Oracle Magazine cover story is "Eye on Information". This article is loaded with information about how Oracle Business Intelligence can increase business performance and profitability. There is an overview of the individual pieces that make up the Oracle Business Intelligence offering and how they work together and explains the benefits of the integration of OLAP in the new 10g database. There are several real-life examples of how Oracle Business Intelligence has been implemented and the benefits to individual companies. This article reinforces how Oracle's commitment to business intelligence is profiting companies worldwide.

Also, be sure to check out the special supplement to Profit Magazine for the financial services industry "Banking on Business Intelligence".

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